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Organization of Military Museums of Canada

In Memoriam



Dick Malott portrait.jpg

Richard Malott

31 January

Dick retired from the Armed Forces in the mid-1970s, joined the collections management staff of the Canadian War Museum and remained at CWM until retirement in 1992. He became the Executive Director of OMMC on a part time basis soon after arriving at CWM and took the job with him when he became the first Executive Director of OMMC after it was incorporated in 1992, running the activity from his Ottawa home. He retired as OMMC ED at the end of 1999. In “retirement”, he was: a tireless supporter of the veterans assistance group at the Perley Centre in Ottawa; an importer of Brittains toy soldiers for Canada for years; a true “go-to” person for military museums across Canada looking for fully trustworthy evaluations of sets of orders, decorations and medals; an Honorary Member of OMMC from 1992 and a Life Member from 2014; the persistent Secretary of the Canadian Delegation to the International Commission of Control and Supervision Association for 47 years; and a long-time member of the Military Collectors Club of Canada. Dick was always an enthusiastic friend of OMMC and its activities, attending as many of our courses as his health permitted. He was invariably pleasant and always polite, even when provoked. He served Canada and Canadians well for many decades.

Carrington portrait.jpg

Don Carrington

20 May

OMMC Vice President, President, and Executive Director



Ross McKenzie

12 January

Royal Military College of Canada


Lee Murray

6 March

OMMC Founder

Gurney portrait.jpg

Marilyn Gurney

21 March

OMMC President


Terry Whitty

June 25

Terry’s career was spent in the restaurant industry in Montréal and Ottawa where he established, owned and operated several franchise and independent restaurants. He began his military career at a very young age and he spent many years serving in the Canadian Grenadier Guards, where his heart remained. In 1966 Terry transferred to the Cadet Services of Canada (now known as the CIC), and thus began his long association with Cadets. The last 15 years he served as National Executive Director of the Army Cadet League of Canada in Ottawa. He believed passionately in the Royal Canadian Army Cadets’ work with youth across Canada.  Terry was a long-time member of the Organization of Military Museums of Canada through his connection with the Canadian Grenadier Guards Museum at Montreal.  He will be well remembered by OMMC members from coast to coast for his contributions at the annual courses.  He will be much missed.


Larry Watkins

May 13

Larry made a significant contribution to the Canadian Reserve Army. He earned the respect of colleagues and made life long friends around the world. His service and dedication to the military spanned over 54 years. He continued to serve another 7 years as Chairman of the 12 Svc Bn Museum. He was extremely proud to be a Canadian.



A. Ross Neale

April 21

Co-Founder and first Curator of 26th Field Regiment RCA/XII Manitoba Dragoons Museum

Brandon, Manitoba


Dr. David Ruddy

April 15

Founder and President of OMMC
Fort St Jean

Bruce Beatty

March 21

Chancellery Office, Rideau Hall



Vincent Bezeau


Directorate of History and Heritage



Pierre Couture


Fusiliers Mont Royal



Victor Stevenson

May 31

15th Field RCA Museum





Louis Vidal

February 27

Montreal Police Museum



Derek Brown

LGen EC Ashton Armoury Museum



Doug Hildebrand

Military Communications and Electronics Museum





Gilles Bissonette

Fusiliers Mont Royal Museum



Eugene Ursual

June 10

Military Antiquarian



Gladys Inches

December 31

Saskatchewan Military Museum



Dorothy Malott

July 20

Canadian War Museum







Paul Kavanaugh

Voltigeurs de Quebec Museum



Vernon Murray


Royal Montreal Regiment Museum



Paul Emile Ouelette

Voltigeurs de Quebec Museum



John Parr Pearson

Seaforth Highlanders Museum







Edward Harris

Fort Garry Horse




William Carmen

Imperial War Musuem



Captain Stephen Pallas

Governor General’s Foot Guards



William Elms

Queen’s Own Rifles Regiment Museum



David Peebles










Peter Pym-Hember

July 20

Cameron Highlanders Museum





Norman Buckingham

former Director of Ceremonial



Frank Dunbar

Royal Ontario Museum



Joe Ewing

United States Army Museums System



Jack Summers

Saskatchewan Military Museum





Leo Lavigne

Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Museum

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