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Organization of Military Museums of Canada

Board of Directors

As authorized by the Articles of Incorporation, OMMC is led and managed by between nine and eleven Directors, all of whom are volunteers. Working together, they are known as the Board of Directors (Board).   Directors holding the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are the officers of OMMC and these four persons are the Executive Committee of the Board.  The remaining Directors are known as Directors-at-Large.  The general responsibilities of Directors are stated clearly in the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act - see the note in the OMMC By-laws after By-law 4.2.  The specific duties and authority of the officers and the Executive Committee not specified in the By-laws are as decided by the Board and Published in OMMC Policies, available to all OMMC members. The Executive Committee will meet or convene by teleconference as required, usually only on matters of long-term planning or, in an emergency, on virtually any matter within the responsibility of the Board. The Board will generally meet quarterly, usually by teleconference through the year and face-to-face at the time of the Annual Meeting of Members (AMM).  Directors receive no compensation for their service as a Director.  However, they will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred on OMMC business in accordance with the OMMC financial management policy.  Directors who work for OMMC on matters unrelated to their Director position may be compensated as the work contract provides - eg., Editor of The OMMC Bulletin.   


The OMMC AMM (formerly the Annual General Meeting (AGM)) will be called by the Board to be held on the first day of the annual training course.  Directors are elected at the AMM for a term of three years.  Details of election procedures and the allowable terms of service of Directors are stated in the OMMC Bylaws.  The Minutes of the AMMs/AGMs are available on this web-site at Publications/Proceedings - look for the folder for a particular year.



The present Directors of OMMC are as follow:



Anne Lindsay MacLeod

Vice President:

George Romick


Bradley S. Froggatt

Membership Director


Kevin Windsor

Chair - Education Committee

Directors at Large:

Kent Griffiths

Sandra Johnson Penney

Seana Jones

Chair - Communications Committee

Grant Tyler

Past President

Léon Chamois


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