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Honours and Awards

2024 Nominations

Form available here. Deadline for nominations is 31 May 2024.


OMMC Award of Excellence

-This category celebrates individuals who made throughout their career an outstanding
contribution to the organization, the museum sector or Canadian military history in
-An individual who is nominated for this category must be OMMC member in good

-This is a one-time award; previous recipients cannot be nominated a second time.

OMMC Award for Projects

-This award is for projects conducted within the membership during a calendar year and
can be awarded to an individual or a team of professionals who worked on the
nominated project;

-The projects nominated for this category must be conducted by members, but they can
include partnerships between a member organization and a non-member organization;
-The projects nominated for this category may be in the area of museum exhibitions,
collections, restoration or public programming, or museum management.

Past Recipients


Award of Excellence: Richard Ruggle

Projects: Mitch McFarlane, for "Project Uplift", Ontario Regiment Museum, Oshawa, Ontatio

Projects Honourable Mentions:

Kathleen Haggarty from the Loyal Edmonton Regiment Museum;

Nate Blackmore, from the PPCLI Museum at The Military Museums in Calgary


Award of Excellence: David Stinson


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